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Uber vs Black Car Services


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Uber vs Black Car Services

Uber vs Black Car Services


When it comes to driving services, convenience is key. There is no doubt that app based services like Uber and Lyft come in handy for last minute rides, but that does not mean that you should not be aware of potential issues that you may run into.


App based car services are generally inconsistent in the cost of the ride as their prices are dependent on a yearly schedule of situational variables. For example, the cost of an Uber from work to home will be significantly higher during rush hour traffic, holidays, and even weather conditions. This makes it difficult to budget any sort of financial plan for simple car rides despite that the destination is the same.

If financial consistency is an important factor for you, you may want to consider using a black car service such as LiveryAccess where you can be sure that the pricing will be steady despite whether or not it snows.


Drivers that work for app based services have the ability to accept incoming ride requests wherever they may be. In other words, the app may display that your ride will arrive in 8 minutes, but if that driver happens to be waiting in line at a fast food drive-through, that 8 minute status could remain on your screen for over 15 minutes.

Drivers for app like Uber and Lyft can be competitive when it comes to ride requests as they want to make as much money as possible, but that could cause issues with the person who has been waiting 10 minutes for the driver to leave wawa and get back in their car.

Inconsistent arrival times will never be an issue with black car services as they tend to the customers needs before their own. After all, driving is their main job.


Another common problem is the fact that app based services allow their drivers to cancel rides at any time, therefore making it impossible to guarantee that you can live up to a punctuality deadline that you have promised. So if you happen to have to get to work on time, you are banking on that driver not cancelling their ride on you.

Chauffeur services, on the other hand, can be fully trusted to not only arrive on time, but arrive at all. For popular services like LiveryAccess, they understand that your success depends on their punctuality and provide you with the comfort of knowing that your ride will always arrive, no matter what.


Unlike black car services who are primarily known for their cleanliness and professional atmosphere, you never know what you may be walking into when you use an app based car service. Although most drivers try to keep their car as clean and comfortable as possible, there have been many reports of uncomfortable possessions in the presence of a customer. For example, illegal substances left behind by a previous rider or awkward objects that belong to the driver. The last thing you want is to get involved with a strangers potential possessions.

Furthermore, because app based car rides are used to transport people to and from bars, there is always a chance that you may leave behind something important, like your phone or wallet. Accidents happen, but trusting unprofessional and independent drivers to return your belongings strictly depends on who happens to be driving that car. Not only that, but it’s way more difficult for those drivers to track you down even if they are honest people.

In the end, we are not here to convince you that app based driving services aren’t beneficial, especially in last minute, unexpected situations. But, in choosing these services, just know that your fate depends on a complete stranger. So if you are looking for a more personable, punctual, and professional ride, then schedule your next destination with a driving service like LiveryAccess who are trained, experienced, and dedicated to you and your personal arrangement needs!