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The city of Philadelphia is primarily known for the Liberty Bell, The Museum of Arts which, you may know as the Rocky Steps, and of course, Philly cheesesteaks. But aside from those common tourist attractions, Philadelphia has some extremely unique destinations that you probably haven’t heard of!


Magic Gardens is an outdoor labyrinth art museum filled with tons of colorful, exclusive mosaic art. The reason for Magic Gardens existence is because of a man named Isaiah Zagar who, in an attempt to clean up the streets of South Street, decided to build a museum that is open to all, free to get in, and brings the community together with handmade art.

Magic Gardens is known to be quite mesmerizing with its handcrafted sculptures, mosaic tiles, and artsy painted mirrors. It is easily one of the most popular attractions in the East Coast!

Aside from the beautiful walls of mosaic tiles and art, Magic Garden also offers group and private tours, concerts, dancing, and many other magical family events.


One of the most outrageously interesting places to visit is the Mutter Museum. This museum is known for its medical displays that are so intense that they recommend people to keep their children home.

Inside of this museum, you will find skeletons of those who died of rare diseases and disorders, collections of pull-out drawers that contain objects that were removed from the throats of various people, conjoined skeletons, and human fetuses.

But what makes it so popular is that this museum is the holder to what is left of Albert Einstein’s brain. You’ll get to experience a geniously crafted story that is planted on various slides displaying possible psychological abnormalities in which, as far as we know, explains his overly high IQ.

This museum is primarily popular with medical students as well as those with a strong interest in anatomy. It remains one of the most information-filled places to visit on your journey through Philadelphia.


Originally built in 1868, the Masonic Temple is filled with political influence that started with a group of people called the Freemasons. The Freemasons originally started as a club where people could talk about political ideas that would otherwise be considered unorthodox to the general public. in fact, is the foundation of many modern-day conspiracy theories.

Each room is decorated with a unique theme that represents the different holistic ideas and philosophies of the world. For example, the Egyptian Room, the Moorish Room, and the Renaissance Hall.

But it's not just the history of politics and religion that attracts tourists to this hall; for the main attraction that lures people in is the fact that each room was built with one mistake in either its decor or architecture, on purpose, to represent that no one is perfect in comparison to God.


This library is anything but your normal library and, more times than not, it is extremely easy to miss.

The Rosenbach Library is a simple brick building on the outside but, on the inside, it’s a humongous room of secrets and notes. Keep in mind that this is not a library where you can check out a normal collection of Harry Potter books; for this library has everything from the first book that was ever published in America to handwritten notes of Dracula to the original copies of Shakespeare novels.

Beyond the walls books, notes, and secret findings are the house that the original owners of these materials, the Rosenbach brothers, lived in.

If you happen to stop by this library, make sure you take a hands-on tour which allows you to physically touch and read original manuscripts of Sherlock Holmes and incredible information about the most famous authors this country has produced.


It may not sound like an interesting place to visit, but this institute is no ordinary science museum; this museum displays the influence that alchemy and nanotechnology has on today’s modern scientific upbringings.

Alchemy, or “the art of transformation,” started in the medieval times of the 1700s with a famous publication called “The Skeptical Chymist.”

Explore the world of the wiki, alchemy, carnivorous plant feeding, and energy transformation that shapes today’s success with science and technology.


If you like beer, then don't even hesitate to check out this old-school, once illegal brewery in Philly.

This brewery was one of the largest brewers in the state specializing in lagers. But in order to keep this building up and running, they had to produce soda and drinks with less than 0.5% ABV which, they referred to as, “near beers.”

After World War II, the brewery disguised itself as a hardware store and, although getting shut down shortly after, the building still remains standing and open to visit.


Perhaps one of the most controversial places to visit is Harry's Occult Shop which, is actually now known as Mystical Emporium.

This shop has been shut down several times due to controversial teachings, healings, and practices that were originally brought up from the Southern African American traditions.

The products that are sold in this shop are homemade powders and spiritual products, many of which are known to help emotional and physical conditions.

Although the term Occult has a negative connotation, this shop is known to produce only positive energy and vibes through mysticism, spirituality, and Hoodoo. They also specialize in hypnotherapy, stress management, and Reiki healing and have become Philadelphia's well-known spiritual advisors.